me and panglao paintingsWELCOME!

Following my muse, selling my creations, abandoning the telecommunications business world.

I guess this is what I am doing by launching this website. I have thought about it for many years, have been told by countless people that I should concentrate on my art and have a website to sell, but I did not have website design knowledge, nor the motivation to learn. But now is the time, I am not getting any younger.

So here it is. There are multiple shopping galleries for you to have a wander around. Just click on the “Shop Now” buttons to enter these areas.

At this time, I am offering 4 product types, original paintings, prints of my paintings, designer gemstone cabochons which I have hand cut, and finally something very unique and original, paintings upon gemstone specimen pieces.


There are write ups in each area explaining the thoughts which lie behind.

This site also has a gallery and a blog and a connection to Facebook. I will be populating the gallery with paintings and artwork for your viewing pleasure. On the blog I will be writing about my art and gemstones and put up some of my past writings (as a curiosity to see if anyone will actually read them), and probably a couple of SocioPolitical rants every now and then.

I will use the Uncle Jim’s Gems Facebook page to announce when new creations are finished and available on the website. So please “Like” the Facebook page and you will be able to see the updates.

I am not too familiar with Pinterest, but there are connections there also, so if you like something I did and like to pin on Pinterest, please do.

Finally, a big THANK YOU to my friend Rene Campos and his developer team at for the efforts in making this website possible and taking the time to baby step me through how to do things. I guess it is possible to teach old dogs new tricks.

If you are looking for website development support, please check out and contact them

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