Unique Cabochons

This page showcases the handful of  unique, special, one of a kind gemstones “discovered” out of the thousands I have cut.  My enjoyment in cutting stones is the application of an artistic eye to a rock and fashion it into something beautiful. Rarely, I will find an image in a portion of a stone that begs to be released.  An explanation as to why I consider these stones “special” is written on each individual stones page in the “Shop Now” section.  Click on the orange oval “shop now” button below, then again on the stone.  The title of each stone may be enough of an explanation.  If available, stones are for sale.


The Evil Clown


Hogwart’s Monster Book of Monsters


Japanese Erotica


Area 51 Bug-eyed Alien


Montana Agate Crucifix



Leto – God Emperor of Dune


Tiki Mask


Lord of the Rings “Ent”


 Dr Who Daelek (yup the thing inside the tank”

(would be cool to wire wrap the stone to look like the tank)


another Area 51 Alien 



The two pictures below are from my boxes containing gemstones in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.  I’ve included this to give you and idea of what I do with my cabochons.  Contact me if you are interested in more information about cabochons available for sale.



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