“Maui Sunset”

Acrylic on Masonite panel


Maui Sunset Pointillist Painting

“Maui Sunset” (sold)


“Loaves and Fishes v2”

acrylic on canvas

Loaves and fishes Painting

Loaves and Fishes (version 2)


“Gray Embrace”

acrylic on plexiglass

Painting Gray Embrace Figurative Abstract

Gray Embrace


“Stefan and Louis”

acrylic on canvas

Stefan and Louis


“Yolys’ Waterfall”

acrylic on canvas

Yoly’s Waterfall



“Still Life with Beanies”

acrylic on masonite

Beanie Baby Pointillist Painting

“Still Life with Beanies” (sold)


“Communication is Hard Work”

acrylic on canvas board

Communication is Hard Work


“Best Use of a Credit Card”

acrylic on masonite

Best Use for a Credit Card


“In Honor of Beslan”

(remember the children)

acrylic on canvas


“My Favorite Pour”

acrylic on canvas

favorite pour