Loaves and fishes Painting

I paint Religious pieces for two reasons.  The primary reason is that what little talent I was gifted with is to paint.  I am not a public speaker and certainly not a singer.  Painting is how I can personally  honor God, giving people an image to encourage meditation and prayer.  My second reason, as you will see,  is that I have copied a number of old master paintings that positively moved me.  This, tremendously, has helped me to learn how to paint.  (I have done small write-ups on all of these pieces previously, but only included one in this post.  If you feel an explanation would enhance the presentation.  Please let me know)

“The Blessed Mother”

(after Michelangelo)

“The Blessed Mother” (after Michelangelo)



The Crucifixion”

(after Diego Velazquez)

Jesus Crucifixion Painting

“The Crucifixion” (after Velazquez)

Short back story.  I painted this during a horrible time in my life.  I was reading my grandmother’s Bible to help me through this period and I kept returning to a page that had Velazques’s Crucifixion.  I decided to try and paint a large version from the Bible page.  This became the largest canvas I had ever attempted, up to that point.  I had to use a magnifying glass to see the small details and translate it to a larger canvas.  Years later I was working a project in Madrid.  I knew the original painting was hanging in the Prado museum.  I was walking through the galleries with one purpose in mind, to find that painting.  Imagine my shock when I turned a corner and found the orginal.  It was huge!  8 feet tall.  The picture I had worked from was 6 inches high.  Quite the difference in perspective.  My painting resides in a Catholic retreat center and has been used as a focal point during numerous retreat’s given at the center.


“Madonna and Child”

(after Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel)

“Madonna and Child” after Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel


“Ecce Homo”

(Behold the Man)

“Behold the Man”



“Carrying the Cross”

(after Titian)

“Carrying the Cross” (after Titian)



“The Divine Mercy”

“The Divine Mercy”


“Agony in the Garden”

(after Carl Bloch)

“Agony in the Garden” (after Carl Bloch)


“The Pieta”

(after Jose Ribera)

“Lamentation” (after Jose Ribera)



“The Loaves and Fishes”

(version 1)

Loaves and Fishes



“The Loaves and Fishes”

(version 2)

Loaves and fishes Painting

“Loaves and Fishes” version 2


“The Hand of the Lord”

“The Hand of Jesus”





“The Last Supper”

“The Last Supper”


“Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton”

“St. Elizabeth Ann Seton”


“The Immaculate Conception”

(after Murillo)

The Immaculate Conception (after Murillio)


“Guardian Angel”

Guardian Angel Gemstone Painting on Pink Marble

“Guardian Angel”


“The Crucifixion”

(on onyx)

Crucifixion Jesus Gemstone Painting Onyx

The Crucifixion 2

“Sammy’s Rosary”

“Sammy’s Rosary”

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