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GP 011 “Snow Queen”


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PG Ice Dancer
“Snow Queen”
Bertrandite (Tiffany Stone)
4.5” x 3.5”
115mm x 90mm
Price $100

This is such a different piece of Bertrandite (I wrote in more detail about Bertandite/Tiffany stone in the gemstone page if you are interested). I found this piece in the bottom of a box at a recent gemshow I went to. I think other people passed up on it because it is an end cut, triangular in shape, and looks fragile. It is not good for cutting a jewelry gemstone… but… as a stone canvas? Wonderful!

To me the stone is cold.. Icy… and for some reason I thought of the Nutcracker Snow Queen and wanted to paint her.  I guess I should say my inspiration from “Frozen”…. haven’t seen it.

First piece I painted using my new magnifying glasses. They are better for detail, but I am not use to them yet.


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