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GP 007 “Koto and Dancer”


Koto and Dancer Gemstone Painting on Chinese Writing Stone

“Koto and Dancer” Koto Side

“Koto and Dancer Geishas”

Chinese Writing Stone

5″ x 4″ x 2 1/2′

Price $300

shipping not included


This is a large chunk of Chinese Writing Stone.  I could have sliced it up but couldn’t resist the opportunity to do a “wrap around” painting.  The artwork is mounted on a piece of slate and the whole thing weighs approximately 3.5 lbs.

Dancing Geisha Gemstone Painting on Chinese Writing Stone

“Koto and Dancer” Dancer side

The concept is simple a geisha dancing to the koto music played by her friend.  It was fun to try and paint the tree on both surfaces.   I listened to the music of June Kuramoto from “Hiroshima” while painting this piece.  I have seen them play 4 times live and love the music.  I’m tempted to try to contact her and gift her the piece.  Maybe in the future if it is still available.

“Chinese Writing Stone” is a limestone matrix with andalusite crystals.  The crystals resemble Chinese calligraphy.  I probably shouldn’t be painting Japanese compositions on “Chinese” writing stone but Japanese calligraphy looks similar lol.


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