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GP 002 “Pearl Diver”


Pearl Diver Gemstone Painting on Fossilized Oyster Shells

Pearl Diver

“Pearl Diver”

Fossilized Oyster Shells in Matrix

6 1/2″ x 4″

Price $200


Perfect idea for this piece.  This is an end cut piece of fossilized oyster shell I bought from a man that makes spheres.  I had seen the same material for sale at gumshoes for thousands.  As I polished the piece, I got the playful idea to put a pearl in the center, well defined, oyster.  As I was doing that I laughed that it should be a “giant” pearl.  “How to do that?” I thought.  “I know, I’ll paint a tiny woman diving for the pearl!”  I think she is the first painting I did after buying a magnifying visor.  She is 3 inches from outstretched hand to foot.



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