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GP 005 “dual painting”


Cave River Gemstone Painting on Picture Jasper

Native Americans exploring a river through a cave

Dual Painting

“Cavern River” and “The Canyon”

Picture Jasper

3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″

Price $250


This is my favorite “Stone Canvas” of all time.  I had a little dilemma.  I loved both sides of the piece.  As I flipped it back and forth I got painting inspiration on both sides.  When I polished it, such a wide variety of soft color.  Look at the “Canyon” side (the one with the donkeys)  The natural blue at the top with the white circle, the sky and a sun and a cloud coming across from the left.  I really couldn’t decide.  But then the solution was so simple, paint both sides.  I have had this piece sitting on my end table next to the couch where I sit.  I flip it back and forth every week or two.  One of my favorites.


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