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FGP 004 “Undersea Stone”


Montana Agate Floating Gemstone Painting

Underwater Fantasy with Montana Agates

“Undersea Stone”

Floating Gemstone Painting

Montana Agate and acrylic on wood panel

18″ x 24″

Price $850

includes shipping

(art work comes with frame as wood panel is custom cut to fit frame)


I “freeform” cut and polish each and every piece of Montana Agate in a very fluid way.  Grind away the rough bits, round rough edges and then cut the form that seems like it’s supposed to be.

While cutting one piece it began to look like a fish of all things, so I worked it into a fish.  While grinding away at the wheel I imagined an underwater floating gemstone painting teeming with fish.  I had some other gemstones already cut that worked with the idea, and then cut more/  There are 29 cut and polished Montana agates in this artwork.


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