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FGP 001 “Following the Spirit”


Dream of heaven floating gemstone painting

Humanity following the Spirit

“Following The Spirit”

Floating Gemstone Painting

Montana Agates above painted wood panel

8 1/2″ x 20″

Price $750

(includes shipping)

(Artwork includes frame, wood panel is hand cut to custom fit the frame)


The very first “Floating Gemstone Painting” every made.  This piece literally took a month to make from concept to final execution.  Multiple iterations of finding and polishing the right stones, finding the right base material, getting the painting correct so it would work with the Montana Agates, and multiple methods to mount the stones.

The piece has 14 cut and polished  Montana Agate cabochons.  Each one a minimalist piece of art in itself.  They are composed to represent spiritual longing, spiritual goals.


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