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GP 006 “Escher’s Lizards”


Escher's Lizards Gemstone Painting on Bird's Eye Jasper

Escher’s Lizards

“Escher’s Lizards”

Birdseye Jasper

3 1/2″ x 4″

Price $120


This end cut of Birds eye Jasper began to look like a lizard skin as I polished the surface.  As I thought about that I came up with two ideas.  It would be either Escher’s interlocking repeating lizard pattern or a crocodile smile and eye.  I went with the Escher as I really wanted to experiment and see how it would be to copy one of his works.  Man O man O man.  I’ve been fascinated by Escher since I was young and there was always a part of me that wondered how he could do what he did.  Just doing this small amount of lizards was so time consuming.  Obviously a paint brush is not the correct tool for Escher.  What did I learn?  Well I’m somewhat OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), just take a close look at my pointillist paintings and you will know what I mean.  Escher must have taken my OCDness to further multiple exponential levels.


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