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Painted Gemstone Art
Natural abstractions are hiding within stones. I see partially painted canvases begging to be complete. When I cut open a new stab, grinding and polishing,  I study it, interpreting the patterns and colors and let the ideas flow.  There are times when an artistic idea leads to a search for just the right gemstone canvas, times when the gemstone demands a certain painting, and times when I marry an inspirational quote with stone and with painting.

Each painting is a unique, “one of a kind” artwork and will not be reproduced in any mass way.  I have been studying “Medieval Prayer Books”, “Russian Lacquer Boxes” and “India Miniature paintings” for motivation and insight into painting tiny (magnifying lenses lol).  Please have a wander around the gallery, comment and share on your social media if you are so inclined.  Paintings are available for purchase (if not already sold of course) and commissions are accepted.


Crucifixion Jesus Gemstone Painting Onyx

The Crucifixion


PG Sleeping Buddha front PG Sleeping Buddha back

“Sleeping Buddha” (lace agate)

Inspirational Gemstone Painting

Inspirational words adds a third dimension of depth to my painted gemstones. A Triumvirate of impression to interpret as one. Words of meaning coupled with Natures art coupled with an artist’s inspiration to bring them all together as one.




Kristine’s Aslan

Pet Portrait Painting on Marble Cabochon

Dalia and Manuel’s Dachshund (sold)

Painted Cabochons

(more examples of “Painted Cabochons” can be found in the gallery)

A lightbulb moment, wearable gemstone paintings!

The piece on the left is a portrait of a friend’s beloved pet which passed away.


The piece on the right is our daughter, Kristines pet Chow Chow Aslan.  When she came to the US from the Philippines, she had to leave Aslan behind and she missed him terribly. One morning I thought I would try and make her feel better and I took a relatively “blah” cabochon and painted a portrait Aslan right on the gemstone.  Kristine is usually not a demonstrative person, but when she saw the piece, her smile lit the room.  She actually started petting the painting.This piece was set as a bracelet.



I accept commissions on both Painted Gemstone Specimens and Painted Cabochons, time permitting.  The two months prior to Christmas are the busiest so, if you are interested, please get your request in early.  Prices will depend upon size of piece, the type of gemstone, and the time that goes into the artwork.  Call or write me to discuss


I will periodically post new unpainted polished gemstone specimens and new cabochons on this website that are available for use as a canvas for a painting.  If you see a piece that interests you, contact me and we can discuss and throw around ideas.




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