My Artistic Expression seems to manifest itself in the search for new creative ways that have never been done before.  Crazy ideas abound in my brain, some  never become, some do but don’t really work, and then some come out Ultra Cool!  I have been experimenting in my painting for years.  Now I am searching for new ways to express myself with gemstones in my art.  This page is to showcase these new expressions, different from my “Gemstone Paintings”.    (my idea of today is to carve wood and  embed gemstones into carved slots in the wood… doubt this one will come to fruition)

Floating Gemstone Paintings

 FullSizeRenderFollowing an Angel




Undersea Agates

Portraits and Pets painted on Gemstone Cabochons

(these will be done on commission basis.. contact me)

JY V gift front

Yoly and Me

(My Wife’s Valentines Present!)

Jeremy Scrappy


Dalia Dog wirewrapped


(wire wrapped by Dalia!)

Aslan Cabochon


One of a Kind Wild Gems!

It seems that out of every thousand or so gemstones I cut, all of a sudden something really Unique pops out.  There is no way these can ever be reproduced.  The picture is in the stone patterns.  I love em!

Scary Clown

Scary Clown

(did Stephen King’s “It” give anybody nightmares?)



(Dr. Who anybody?)

Area 51

Area 51

(Little Green man?)

Monster book of monsters

Hogwarts Book of Monsters

(just stroke the binding!)

If you are interested in purchasing anything on this page or are interested in a gemstone pet or child portrait, please contact me directly.  I will be exhibiting this work along with my gemstone paintings in June at a Rock and Gem show in Los Angeles.

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