Agate Pointillist Painting

I was given this agate specimen as a gift over 30 years ago from an old rockhound I had befriended.  I have no idea where it came from.  I have enjoyed looking at the intricate patterns every now and then over the years.  Now that I have collected, cut, looked at, many agate specimens, I find this piece stands out from the crowd.

Agate Gemstone Specimen

The Original Agate side A

Agate Gemstone Specimen

The Original Agate side B

I had been painting with the “pointillist” technique for a couple of years when I had the idea that I could use that technique to paint this stone.  I had already experimented at painting agates using an abstract technique.  This would be different.

Agate Pointillist Painting

“The Agate” Pointillist Painting

This is the completed painting.  Two months of tiny dots.  I actually combined parts from both sides of the Agate for compositional purposes.  I used a magnifying glass to study the stone.  The intricacies of the agate became so pronounced once magnified.  It was quite a challenge.

Agate Pointillist Painting Detail

“The Agate” Pointillist Painting (detail)

I’ve included this close up detail shot to give an appreciation for the pointillist technique.

Agate Gemstone Pointillist Painting

“The Agate” Pointillist Painting (framed with gemstone)

A friend of mine suggested I should display the painting with the stone.  This is what I came up with.  I turn the stone around every now and then when I walk past it.

I will continue to do pointillist paintings, but I do not think I will ever paint another agate with this technique.  Thus it is a pretty unique piece of art.  God’s art and man’s art.



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