This page will be where I post new gemstone paintings before I incorporate them into the main gallery



(inspired by the 1938 Disney Silly Symphony cartoon)

Merbabies on Shell Fossil


“Sammy’s Rosary”

“Sammy’s Rosary”


Life in a Rock”

“Life in a Rock”


View From the Bluff”

“View from the Bluff”


“Yop Party!”

(one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish? anybody?)

“Top Party” on Pinolith


“Desert Caravan”

“Desert Caravan” on Rolling Hills Dolomite


“The Opera Wizard of the Rock”

The Opera Wizard of the Rocks”


“Lazy Afternoon”

“Lazy Afternoon” on picture jasper



“Washing Her Hair”

“Washing Her Hair”


“A Unicorn in a Stone”

“A Unicorn in a Stone”


“Lollipop Lick”

Lollipop Lick on agate


“Waterdrops on Agate”

experiment painting waterdrops



“Be Careful What You Wish For”

(Boy Fishing and a Blue Whale on Sodalite)

Blue Whale Gemstone Painting on Sodalite

Be Careful What You Wish For


“Leopard on Leopard Skin Jasper”

Leopard Gemstone Painting Leopard Jaguar Jasper

What is painting and what is stone?


“Meteor Shower” on Pipe Agate

Planet surface getting pummeled in a meteor shower


“Mother and Child Giraffes” on Andamooka Opal Painted Lady

(one of my first actually, painted in 1985)

Giraffe Gemstone Painting Opal painted lady

Giraffes on Andamooka opal painted lady (sold)


“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Painted Cabochon”

JoJo Bizarre Adventure painted cabochon

Painted Sodalite Cabochon with JoJo Bizarre Adventure (sold)


“Killer Whales” on Sodalite

Killer Whale Orca Gemstone Painting Sodalite

“Killer Whales” (sold)