Beanie Baby Pointillist Painting


Georges Seurat and Paul Signac are the fathers of the pointillism impressionist painting technique.  I have had the luck to have seen, studied and been amazed by their work in multiple museums.  I finally started using the technique about 7 years ago.  It is a slow, time consuming, technique that requires the artist to be a bit OCD.  I would have never had the patience for such a technique when I was younger.

Pointillism is not just dots.  It is based on the theory that placing dots of varying color close to each other fools the eye into blending the colors mentally instead of physically.

Below is my gallery of pointillist paintings.  Click on the pictures and blow them up to get an appreciation of the layers of colored dots that comprise each painting.  Some are available for sale.  Contact me if you are interested.

Maui Sunset Pointillist Painting

“Maui Sunset” (sold)


Beanie Baby Pointillist Painting

“Still Life with Beanies” (sold)


Dancers Abstract Acrylic Pointilist Painting

“The Dancers” (large 33″ x 33″ acrylic on canvas)


Panglao Bohol Philippines Sunset Acrylic Pointillist Painting

“Panglao , Philippines Sunset” (sold)


Panglao Philippines Sunrise Pointillist Acrylic Painting

“Panglao Sunrise, Philippines” (sold)


Last Supper Pointillist Painting Jesus

“The Last Supper” (sold)


Cebu Philippines Waterfall Pointillist Acrylic Painting

“Cebu Philippines Waterfall”


Landscape Pointillist Acrylic Painting Pointillism

“Plains of Dobrudja, Romania”


My God Daughter Sammy Pointillist Portrait

“My God Daughter Sammy” (sold)


Bubbles Pointillist Acrylic Painting

“Color Bubbles”


Wheels Pointillist Abstract Pointillist Painting

“Wheels of Life”


Family Love Pointillist Painting

“Family Love”


Family Love Abstract Pointillist Painting

“Greater Family Love” (sold)


Garden Flowers Pointillism Textured

“My Textured Pointillist Garden”


Self Portrait Neurons Aura Pointillist Acrylic Painting

“I Think Too Much” (self portrait with neurons and aura)


Sunrise Bohol Philippines Pointillist Painting

“Sunrise for Bohol” (1st prize for charity raffle to raise money to rebuild a school)


Dr Seuss Sneetches Pointillist Painting

“Dr Seuss Sneetches” (gift for a Dr Seuss loving niece)


Angels Devils Battle Pointillist Painting

“Angels and Devils” (angel side up, sold)


Angels Devils Abstract Pointillist Painting

“Angels and Devils” (devil side up, battling for souls)


Agate Pointillist Painting

“The Agate” Pointillist Painting


The next four paintings are variations on pointillism.  I utilized different brush types and executed the painting on a canvas I had already painted.  The first three are part of my “Embrace Series” which I have been painting for decades.


Figurative Pointillist Acrylic Painting

“Sorrow and Comfort”


Passion Embrace Series Pointillist Painting

“Passion Embrace” (companion piece to “Sorrow and Comfort)


Mother's Comfort Abstract Acrylic Painting

“A Mother’s Comfort”


Citiscape Timisoara Romania Pointillist Acrylic Painting

“Timisoara, Romania” Cityscape


In closing, as I built this gallery, it’s hard for me to fathom all of the hours/days/weeks/months that went into these paintings making dots of color.  I have the next blank canvas sitting on my easel in the studio.  I have delusions of grandeur for this canvas.  I’m only in the planning phase at the moment.

I welcome comments and constructive feedback.  Feel free to do the social media thing if you are so inclined


Ciao for now


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