My “Floating Gemstone Paintings” began with a box of Montana agate bits and pieces.  I made an Ebay bid on a parcel of rough stone that had no real description of what it contained.  I won the gamble and received a box  full of bits and pieces of Montana Agate.  Montana agates are unique.  Transparent, translucent with patterns of black or brown inclusions.  Each piece reminds me of a “Minimalist” painting ala the Spanish painter “Joan Miro”.

Rough Montana Agate

Rough Montana Agate Pieces

Montana Agates Shaped Polished

Montana Agates after shaping and polishing

Starting to play with them,  I cut a few standard cabochons for jewelry.  They were pretty and unique, but as I cut one piece, I saw a tropical fish of all things.   I changed my mind at that point and started to freeform shape the pieces based on the original shape of the rough agate (picture on right above).  Below is a finished Montana Agate jewelry piece that had a natural Crucifix.


Natural Crucifix Montana Agate Gemstone

Natural Crucifix Montana agate (sold)

After polishing a number of stones, I lay them out on a black background and start moving them around.  The below example obviously became the underwater “Floating Gemstone Painting”


The first piece I tried to put together was a comedy of errors.  First background painting didn’t work with the stones, second background painting didn’t really work but I tried to assemble it anyway.  First assembly attempt was a failure, second assembly attempt was a little better but I did not like the overall look so I took it apart again.  Third background painting was much better, and I finally figured out how to suspend the stones over the painting.  I’m not going to detail the method for selfish reasons lol.

Below are the first “Floating Gemstone Paintings” I have created.  They represent a new and unique art form which combines gemstones and painting.  They are called “Floating” because the stones are suspended above the painted surface.

Dream of heaven floating gemstone painting

Humanity following the Spirit


Montana Agate Floating Gemstone Painting

Underwater Fantasy with Montana Agates


Star Child Floating Gemstone Painting Montana Agate

Star Child Montana Agate Floating Gemstone Painting


Montana Agate Floating Gemstone Painting

Is she happy about or running away from the proposal?

All “Floating Gemstone Paintings” are for sale, if not already sold.  I would appreciate comments and opinions.  I have only exhibited them once at a public showing and people did not really know what to make of them.  I admit that I did enjoy the puzzled looks on peoples faces.  That let me know people were being confronted with something very new and different.