Discworld Gemstone Painting on Sodalite

Sir Terry Pratchett wrote 41 books of stories about an entire flat world full of odd characters.  This “Discworld” is balancing on the backs of four great elephants who, in turn, stand upon the back of the giant turtle “Great A’Tuin”.


My Brother and I have shared the books and discussions about the books for years.  I wanted to do something special for him for Christmas.  I found this beautiful piece of Sodalite, looked galactic, and the idea popped.

The detail required made this painting a real challenge.  I searched the internet for Sea Turtle pictures and then elephant pictures to use as a reference.  Here are two “In Progress” pictures to give you insight into the process I use when making a miniature.  First step is always painting the general shape of the figures in white then use that as a “canvas” to paint upon.  A stone can be absorbent and sometimes requires a few coats of white prior to actually painting.


Discworld Gemstone painting in progress

Discworld in progress

I put a penny on the next picture to use as a size reference.  Tiny elephants.

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