Mixed Rough rocks 3

Designer Gemstone Cabochons

Gemstones, Rocks, Minerals, precious, semi-precious … I have been attracted to them since a child. A microcosm of God’s Art inside each stone. Each a unique example of the diverse beauty of Nature.  The pictures on this page are to give you an idea on the steps from rock to gemstone.

01 Marked up Slabs

I am an Artist and a lover of stone, now melding my 40 years of drawing and painting with cutting gemstones. I have a need to treat God’s art with respect and find the interesting and abstract, highlight it and make it shine. My favorite part of this creative process is sitting at the table with beautiful colored and patterned rough slabs, moving home made shape templates around the slice until I find wherein esthetically pleasing and interesting gemstone is hiding.

02 after sawing



Finding and interpreting the abstracts of stone so that each piece is unique and artistic is what I am trying to do. Have a wander around these pages and if you see a gemstone you really like, well, buy it! They make really great gifts for a loved one or yourself for that matter. I have given many as gifts myself and have only had wonderfully thankful reactions.

Mixed  cut stones black background



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