For every 2 to 3 hundred cabochons I have cut and polished, I’m lucky if I find one truly unique piece.  Something special, a picture in a stone that could never be found again.  I look for them, have probably missed a few, but when I do find them it’s exciting.  Imagination Required!  Have a look at the stones and at the titles.  Can you see what I see?

Pieces are for sale (if not already sold).  If you are interested in a piece contact me.

(disclaimer: I’m a sci-fi/fantasy geek and some of these gemstones fall into that category lol)

Evil Clown Jasper Cabochon

The Scary Jasper Clown


Saginite Monster Book of Monsters Gemstone Cabochon

Hogwart’s Saginite Monster Book of Monsters


Area 51 Bug-eyed Jasper Alien


Montana Agate Cross (sold)


Leto – Imperial Jasper God Emperor of Dune


Rhyolite Tiki Mask


Lorena Jasper Lord of the Rings “Ent”


 Rhyolite Dr Who Daelek (yup the thing inside the tank”

(would be cool to wire wrap the stone to look like the tank)


Little Green Martian  (sold (kind of))