Jim Painting IMC 2

“Immaculate Conception” in progress

Hi, Welcome

Welcome to website Version 2.0.  It has been a real pain redoing this thing.  I pretty much forgot everything I had learned about making a website and have had to relearn it all over again.

That picture over on the left is still the same, though that painting has been hanging in St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s Church for a few years now.  Thus I’m a few years older too I guess.

So why change?

I want to refocus the website attention on my artistic creations, the things that I do that are unique.  I am de-emphasizing the cut gemstone cabochons (though I will still post special and unusual stones as I make them) and emphasizing my “Gemstone Paintings”, “Floating Gemstone Paintings”, mosaics and sculptures.

When you find something you like (and if you are savvy with social media), please feel free to post it, tweet it, pin it, or whatever the latest thing is called.

Better yet, buy it! lol

All the Best







working on a miniature gemstone painting


Cutting a stone


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