Welcome! For the first time in my 35-year journey in art, I am offering both original art and signed and numbered prints for public sale.  There is also a virtual Gallery showcasing my artwork from over the years.

Painting Shop

I have written quite a few “Artist Statements” over the years, primarily for gallery shows. You print up a stack and put them on a table in the gallery somewhere, along with a stack of postcards that have a picture or two of a painting in the show.  At the end of the show, the postcards are normally gone, but the statement papers look untouched. I doubt anyone actually read them, and of course, nowadays, nobody reads anything.

Artist’s Statements usually contain very serious blah blah, as you have to be very serious about your art to justify the mega-prices every artist hopes their paintings will eventually sell for. You know, education, inspiration, influence, what the artist thinks art is, those kind of things.  I started writing this for the website:

“Painting, drawing, creating is a huge part of my life. At the end of each year, I measure my accomplishments by the works of art I created, not by the money I made or the places I have been. I am not sure if this is a good thing, But it is what it is.

I love to experiment. I love to play with art, with styles and techniques. I get new ideas all of the time. I have gone through phases. Have had my beliefs as to what is art, what is good art, change time and time again. Motivations, muses, and inspirations have come and gone changing me a little bit each time.”

Boring huh?  Would make anyone change the channel.

Instead, the “Gallery” came out pretty cool.  It has 100 or so of my paintings, illustrating different techniques and experiments I have played with over the years.  In about a minute, you can scroll through 35 years of painting.  If something interests you, open it up and have a closer look and comment if you feel like it.   This will tell you so much more about my art then a few pages of writing. If you click on a picture it opens into a slideshow type of view.

Here is the Link to the gallery



(you can also enter the shops and gallery from the home page)
I am also going to test the waters and offer some original paintings and art prints of my work for sale. For now, what I am offering is limited. There is a separate shop for the original artwork and for the prints. All prints will be signed and numbered.

Original Painting Shop:


Art Print Shop:


If you see something in the gallery that intrigues you and it is not in currently in the shop let me know and I will see if it is available for either sale or as a print. I normally make the prints glossy and with a border. If you would prefer a different way let me know.

I welcome comments and would love a dialog.  I hope you enjoy your wander through my mind. Come back, I will be expanding both the gallery and paintings available for sale and print every now and then.

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