“Montana Agate Natural Crucifix”

Natural Crucifix Montana Agate Gemstone

Natural Crucifix Montana agate (sold)


“The StarChild”

acrylic and pastel on wood with Montana agate sculpture

Star Child Floating Gemstone Painting Montana Agate

Star Child Montana Agate Floating Gemstone Painting


“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Sodalite Cabochon”

painted cabochon commission

JoJo Bizarre Adventure painted cabochon

JoJo Cabochon (sold)



“Waterfall Mosaic in Gemstones”

Waterfall Gemstone Mosaic

Waterfall Gemstone Mosaic



“Happy Camp Jade Cabochon”

a jade cherry blossom branch

Happy Camp Jade Gemstone Cabochon

California “Happy Camp Jade” Gemstone Cabochon



“A Conversation with Dali”

polished picture jasper sculpture

Conversation with Dali Gemstone sculpture

A Conversation with Dali


“Creepy Clown”

nature painted this clown found inside a jasper

“Scary Clown” Jasper Cabochon


“A Rabbit looks into a Mirror”

picture jasper sculpture

Mirror Rabbit Jasper Gemstone Sculpture

Miirror Rabbit Gemstone Sculpture


“Area 51 Alien”

picture jasper cabochon

Area 51 Alien Jasper Gemstone Cabochon

Area 51 Bug-Eyed Alien


Rhodochrosite Cabachon

Rhodochrosite Gemstone Cabochon